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Consultancy Services

For more than 20 years, The Ratu Rajasa Group of companies has been providing outstanding and personalised consultancy services in a wide range on fields throughout the country.

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Visas & Company Registration

Our Flagship company Ratu Visa, Is where we provide personalised service on a full range of visa options for entering and residing in Indonesia.

We also provide company and corporate registration for those who wish to do business in the country.

Ratu Visa is fully licensed and authorised in the Republic of Indonesia and has been operating for more than 20 years.

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Apostille & Legalistaion of Documents

Recently Indonesia and many other countries around the world are requiring personal and corporate documents to apostilled or Legalised.

We have established a company that guides and handles our clients through this process in Indonesia, providing a high quality fully licenses and authorised service for national and international clients.

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Certified Translation

An important part of the apostille & Legalisation of documents process is obtaining a certified legal translation to and from Indonesian and other languages.

This requires a process of passing the documents through an authorised translation service which we provide.

Our consultants will guide you through this process quickly and efficiently to ensure you do not waste time waiting for your documents to be submitted.


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Real Estate & Property Management

Indonesia is booming and investors are scrambling to open their doors in the country. Indonesia is also modifying their land tenure laws to provide easier access to property and real estate for private and corporate investors.

Our licensed property and real estate agents personalise our clients search for the perfect location and property.

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Our Insurance consultants and experts assist clients in finding the perfect insurance for their needs.

Whether it is travel, health, company, vehicle or life insurance our team will provide a wide range of the necessary insurance policies for clients wishing to travel or reside in the country.

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Home » The Ratu Rajasa Group Premier services