About us

We excel in an expansive range of solutions for the complex needs of 
Individual and Corporate requirements .


Get Amazing Service From Us.

For more than 15 years The Ratu Rajasa Group has been building its expertise and developing rock solid partnerships through Indonesia and overseas.

Our group of companies partners with individual and companies that provide the expertise in areas that clients are going to require when coming to Indonesia and we cater for Domestic clients that wish to travel or operate overseas.

We specialise in areas that are difficult to navigate without the right expert knowledge and connections.

We streamline the process of navigating through Indonesian bureaucracy allowing our clients to focus on other things of more importance while their documentation is being process in the fastest possible time. 

We have honed our skills and services to become one of Indonesia’s premier registered and licensed group in the serivices we provide.

Our team

We Have A Skillest Team Ever.


General Manager

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Bali Representative

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The Ratu Rajasa Group

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Our vision is to lead the way in providing premier services to both international and Domestic clients in simplifying travel, investment and residency in Indonesia and around the world.


Our mission is to provide excellence in personalised services to our clients, domestic and international and to ensure that their requirements and needs are met with the highest level of prefessionalism.

Shared Values

Our group of companies value each and every staff members ability to take full responsibility and accountability for the expertise and services they provide our clients. We all believe that client service is paramount and non-negotiable.

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