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Best deals on  Travel, Heath and General Insurance. Ratu Rajasa will tailor policies to your demands.

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Ratu Rajasa understand the demands of living in Indonesia and has specialists in a wide range of Insurance policies to cover all the possibility while you are here. Whether it is short stay travel or longer term health and general insurance we tailor everything for you.

You will need the best policies for your stay

You may have insurance from your own country or you may want to get localised cover in country. Whatever your needs we have the widest selection of the best deals possible with international and domestic providers.

Our specialists are qualified and licensed insurance agent who will connect you with the best coverage possible and ensure the [plcies are exactly what you want.


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You can never be to careful when away form Home. We have a great set of local and International Insurance companies that can tailor policies to suit your need.

RRG Travel Insurance

Travel Insurance

When traveling to Indonesia where it is a short or extended stay, it is always best to have travel insurance to cover any accidents that may happen while you are here.

Many of you arrive and have travel insurance provided from home or Credit Cards, or from other sources. However, many of the clinics and hospitals will not necessarily accept these policies and you will have to cover the costs on location and then get your refund form your insurers.

Ratu Rajasa will assist you here. Under our group insurance policy we simply add your name(s) to the cover lust and you are then automatically covered locally and can be sure that the facilities will cover your costs directly with the local agency.

This is a cheaper and more effective way to cover yourself while here. It means that you have the cover needed for just about any Accident or Emergency that may befall you in country.

Vehicle Insurance

Driving in Indonesia is fraught with potential dangers for non-Indonesians. Whether it is in a motor cycle, a car, people carrier or any vehicle that you may be driving, insurance is an absolute must.

The traffic conditions in cities is extreme, the roads between cities are challenging and driving anywhere in a vehicle it is best to have an Indonesian driver and good insurance. With motor cycles insurance is essential.

Ratu Rajasa group has specialists that will discuss what type of insurance fits your needs and find the exact match at the best Prices possible. Whether is is short term, long term or for you company vehicles, Ratu Rajasa Group has the solution for you.

Our insurance specialists will lead you through the options available and ensure that you are fully aware of what is required whether you are self driving or have a driver we'll ensure we get the right possible deal and the best possible coverage.

Drive Safe ith Ratu Rajasa
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Medical Insurance

For residents or long term visitors, medical insurance is not just necessary, but for retirees it is mandatory.

When it comes to medical insurance there are an almost infinite number of options. In response to this Ratu Rajasa has it's own in-house insurance specialists that can lead you through the various options available.

You may have your own current international medical Insurance, or may even have your own home country insurance. However, if you are staying here in country, there are a wide range of local and international insurance companies that provide coverage for Indonesian medical care are more reasonable and country specific options.

Since this is such a complex area it will be necessary to arrange an appointment with one of our specialists to discuss this in detail and make sure the best options are tailored to your needs. This may take several discussions to allow you to take your time. Ratu Rajasa is here to help.

It is also important to know, if you employed here in country, your employer os legally bound to provide you with the national insurance coverage along with the national pension scheme.

National insurance (BPJS) is extremely cheep and covers absolutely everything at the specified medical facilities. It is a little complex but in the end the most expensive part of you visit to a medical facility under the national insurance scheme is the hospital parking fees.

Contact us and arrange to meet with one of our specialists either face to face of via a Zoom call any time.
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General Insurance

What is “General Insurance”? General insurance is a full range of tailored policies with international or local providers that Ratua Rajasa can tailor to your needs.

Whether it is Life assurance, house and contents, vehicle, corporate asset, or group insurance, we have the right specialist to discuss these details with you and ensure you receive first class personalise expertise.

People that have have decided to reside her, do business, retire or invest all look towards having the best insurance deals they can get. We excel in providing one-to-one personalised services to our clients and to present a wide range of various policies provided by international and local insurance companies, agencies and brokerages.

Indonesia is a fast growing nation with large scale heavy industries, a vibrant business sector and the regional home of numbers of very large international corporation. Due to this rapid growth and a population of highly diverse people. The demand to protect assets has become mandatory and also very highly developed.

Our connection with agencies, brokerages and insurance companies allows us to offer the best possible deals on insurance and life assurance to discerning clients. Policies that are tailored to specific or broad ranged demands and creating a level of trust that provides all our clients with the ability to simply connect with their personal specialist and develop their portfolio.

As with life and medical insurance, the complex nature of your issues requires a face-to-face discussion in order to present the possibilities. We can do this either in person visiting you personally at your location, in our office or via online video calling. The choice is your and all that is needed is to contact us directly here and let us know what you are looking for and we will do the rest.

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“A testimonial from a client who benefited from your product or service. Testimonials can be a highly effective way of establishing credibility and increasing your company's reputation.”
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“A testimonial from a client who benefited from your product or service. Testimonials can be a highly effective way of establishing credibility and increasing your company's reputation.”
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